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Access Identification Technology 'changes coming soon'

Pandemic Propels Innovation

Pandemic realities ensure access-identification technological change:

Pandemic realities ask more from global innovators to accommodate and alleviate the COVID-19 impact in all facets of society. It is necessary to move forward in a societal and technological sense to further prevent the damaging effect of the pandemic, which technology innovation will be instrumental.

China has an excellent strategic opportunity to dominate the next technological innovations and global implementations to ensure we move forward confidently and with absolute determination to live alongside the virus and its endless mutations. China has the capacity to determine future technology solutions that integrate health awareness into everyday life, including our ability to determine human health in an automated and seamless approach. This requires technology innovation and global changes.

Christopher Burke has an envious record for innovation and game-changing technology patents, plus substantial experience in the payments/identification and security access control global markets. Mr Burke is at the forefront of new technologies to integrate health criteria within the platforms and systems that are commonplace within currently installed infrastructure.

Christopher Burke resides in Hong Kong and works with investors and patent professionals to combine with the Hong Kong Government Technology Incentive Financial Assistance Scheme. ‘China understands the importance of innovation and is willing to invest in technology to ensure their strong participation and leadership further evolves and prospers’, says Mr. Burke.

Hong Kong Government incentives can grow to HK$30M and cover all phases of development, prototypes, production, patents, and marketing/distribution. The opportunities in China are enormous and we expect to dominate the technological changes that are pending and in development / testing.

Christopher John Burke is an inventor and entrepreneur with significant valuations attached his inventions over two decades and now focuses on relationships within China to expand his vision and create real manufacturing companies that produce products – backed by global patents. The future is bright, and the opportunities abound, China has the determination and capability to lead the world in the changes necessary to ensure the pandemic does not continue to negatively affect everyday life, and that technology works to seamlessly implement those solutions.

Christopher Burke has a number of patents pending and a course of technological activity that assists China to maintain its advantages and never ceases to continue its expansion and further global technology market domination.

Christopher Burke

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