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HealthID ‘Identifying User ID plus Health’ Integrating Body-Temperature, Access ID, Biometrics & E-INK: HealthID designs and produces biometrics cards, ID credentials for access security. HealthID has a long history of innovation, design and hardware production and is expanding its range to include an integrated Health sensor within the ID credential and access reader - combining within the ID badging process; plus E-INK to display information, advertising, alerts, etc. ID Card Badge ……..……. NFC + Health ……..…. Access Wall Reader HealthID currently manufactures biometrics credentials. A significant addition to this product is a health determining sensor, alongside a display medium using E-INK, for Wall Readers & ID’s. HealthID ‘Reducing Risk of COVID in the Workplace’ HealthID strives for seamless product integration: HealthID will design and produce E-INK access card readers and credentials for buildings, infrastructure, transportation, conferences, borders, airports, everywhere that requires to determine identity + health. Covid will remain in one form or another, therefore, (seamless) health measurement combined with security will become necessary to maintain our existing way of life.

HealthID ‘Biometrics Pre COVID’ What has HealthID achieved thus far? HealthID designs and produces biometrics cards, ID credentials. The credentials contain internal NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to transmit data over short distances. The internal NFC is designed to match existing access cards - ID credentials and is globally certified.

HealthID ‘Advantages’

HealthIDwill integrate Biometrics, ID, Health determination and E-INK displays; combining to identify any individual through seamless advanced technology – ensuring that only authorised healthy people are allowed access.

HealthID holds Exclusive Biometrics License Agreements and new patent applications.

HealthID will continue fingerprint credential production currently in place and add a health determining component, which is a standalone miniature temperature measurement device. Therefore, activation of the internal NFC (Near Field Communication), which enables access to buildings, transportation, payment, and various connectivity options with mobile phones etc. will not operate without BOTH the identity of the User and their measurement of Health being within accepted pre-determined specifications.

HealthID will benefit from the Hong Kong government’s financial incentives that match the Company’s technology investment one-for-one, including prototypes, production, marketing, staff and development teams, plus global patent registrations. This is a superior opportunity to combine with HK government and leverage China market, plus our existing global distribution.

HealthID‘COVID Accelerates need for Biometrics + Health’

The Global security market for security access readers and personal ID credentials is consistent across borders and cultures, therefore volume sales are assured. Global sales will utilize the existing product name & distribution networks. COVID has accelerated the requirement for Biometrics to combine with more diverse Health technologies and create a comprehensive multi-use Access-ID platform.

The Biometrics market alone is projected to grow USD 36.6 billion in 2020 to USD 68.6 billion by 2025, CAGR of 15.2%. The global on-demand healthcare market size was valued at USD 150.67 Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 15.94%.

Principle Objectives

· Upgrade access control readers and credentials to incorporate health determination, with biometrics.

· No changes to existing wired communications or security system infrastructure.

· Current global access readers and credentials are mostly unchanged after more than 40 years of service; It’s Time to change!

· Utilize existing manufacturing, product designs and distribution partners, build a stronger product range, integrating Health.

· E-INK offers advertising revenue, multiple language support, image displays and notifications, alerts, updates etc. etc.

Company Profile

About HealthID Technologies

§ Founded in Hong Kong.

§ Founders includeMr. Chris Burke. Mr Burke is a long-standing Hong Kong resident.

§ Market size and growth potential.

Production is already in place, with both fingerprint and non-fingerprint products.

Biometrics Card & Credential production assets and design IP, value US$1,000,000.

Includes: Production in China and Taiwan, production tooling, electronic designs, and global certifications.

§ Current activities include mobile fingerprint and credential production in Taiwan China.

§ HealthID will further commercialise its leadingglobal biometric innovative products and patented technology. Primarily, using face and fingerprint biometrics readers & credentials, but with a new dimension in technology integration, combining Health Technology. Biometrics and E-INK (Electronic Paper as used in Kindle), creating an ALL-IN-ONE smart ‘Health ID’ platform.

Company Profile

About HealthID Management


· Chris Burke invented mobile biometrics and holds many key global patents and Exclusive Licenses.

· Every-time you use biometrics on a smartphone, you breach Chris Burke’s global patent inventions.

§ Chris Burke created several successful businesses, including a WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises) in China in 1990. This business enabled customer bank passbook magnetic stripes to be read and encoded from IBM Mini computers at bank branches throughout China.

§ Chris Burke modernized Commonwealth Bank of Australia ATM network by routing financial data through PC’s running Microsoft OS in 1988. This system remains operational today and was the beginning of the end for Mini computers.

· Chris Burke has listed companies on UK and Australian stock exchanges.

· Chris Burke owns Intellectual Property, Manufacturing Assets, Design IP and has considerable expertise in global product distribution.

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